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Nellitia Price

Nellitia Price

Founder, CEO, Chief Formulator and Medical Esthetician

Nellitia Price is a Licensed Medical Aesthetician and owner of Within Me Glows Wellness Center. A health and wellness Center that treats the mind, body and soul. Nelitia uses techniques and products that help to address all skin issues.

Nellitia strives to set “Within Me Glows Wellness Center” apart from the typical spa business model. She created a warm and welcoming place where clients can walk in and feel the stress from the everyday world melt away. Located on the Westside, this relaxing atmosphere is a unique sanctuary where peace and rejuvenation brings clarity to help you walk into your Destiny & Purpose. It’s Time, Your Time… to take the time to recapture, maintain and cherish your “Glow” Within. Within Me Glows Wellness Center was birthed out of a passion for Women to believe in themselves again, to dream beyond their circumstances, and build self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness. WMGWC, Inc. Empowers Women to reach beyond expectations and live with purpose.

Ever since she was a little girl, Nellitia loved make-Up. She later became intrigued with skincare and how to best take care of your skin. In 1999, she decided to follow her dreams of becoming a licensed aesthetician. After getting her license, from Los Angeles Trade Technical College, she continued her education at California State University Dominguez Hills, receiving a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Health Science.

Nellitia is constantly working to make Within Me Glows Wellness Center a place where women and men can come to receive the best in health and wellness. She is continuing to develop products that are organic, Natural, vegan and cruelty free. Nellitia, being a vegan for over 20 years, believes that natural and clean products can aid in a healthy lifestyle. She began creating products because she couldn’t find bath and body products with great smells. Her products include hand and body scrubs, body butters, and an anti aging face oil. She is also partnering with organizations that support and uplift women.

Nellitia's motto is: WHEN YOU GLOW, YOU GROW!



In 2019, after working in the beauty industry for decades Benefit, Jo Malone, Urban decay,  Estee Lauder, and Clinique, Mac, as Nellitia  prepared to launch her own product line. Life took a turn for Nellitia . It was her products that helped her keep going during difficult days. Nellitia’s hand & body scrubs Earth, Rose, Lavender,  Awakening, Lavish Whip Shea Butter, 21 Nourishing Glow Face Oil, offered her relief peace, calming while uplifting and energizing her to keep focus. It was this life-changing experience that confirmed what she already knew: she needed to share these gifts with the world.

Aromatherapy provides countless benefits that offer physical, psychological, and emotional well- being. Every ingredient in the plant extract infused essential oils work together harmoniously to unleash the restorative powers of nature. The aromas help create a personal mind and soul retreat, providing a completely natural way to achieve optimal health


Along with well-being Nellitia has always taught her clients the benefits of stress management and through her “Nellitia Natural Skincare” beauty line, she believes everyone will be encouraged to find time in their lives for moments of pure peace.

Nellitia’s philosophy to health and wellness management?

Stress management.

“From allergies to inability to sleep properly, smells trick the brain into relaxing,” she says. “We live in a world that’s added too many chemicals to everything. We have a lot of environmental pollutants and chemicals in food and if you start to find a more mindful routine, which includes  essential oils and diffusers and beauty therapy , it will help us to look and feel good but offers us a sense of harmony and balance. Which translates into every aspect of our lives.”

Not to mention the lovely side effects of stopping to smell the world, when certain smells remind clients of past experiences. 

Her ultimate goal with Nellitia Natural Skincare is to make global connections.

“I want to change how people think about their skin, their sense of being beautiful, inside and out how they connect with the world. Your body is magic. If you start taking care of yourself now, you inspire more magic.”

We are proud to be a Nationally Certified Minority Supplier and also Certified as a Black Owned business by U.S. Black Chambers.