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"EXPRESS YOURSELF" Beauty Facial $75

When time is short, but desire is not. This perfect facial boost quenches the skin with a probiotic masque followed by a rich moisturizer.

"GLOWING PAINS" Teen Facial $70

Designed specifically for the needs of pre-teen/teenagers. Our ultra cleansing cocktail combats acne and sweetens the skin as we nurture you into adulthood. Includes detoxifying, delicate extractions, purifying masques and sunscreen. Recommended once a month or until skin clears.

"GLOW ANYWHERE" Back Facial $85

Otherwise known as backalicious. Our secret weapon targets the most neglected part of your body as we cleanse, exfoliate, extract, masque and moisturize you to sublime perfection. You'll look so good you just might want to walk backwards!


Men are different and we love it! This customized treatment is designed specifically to combat your skin sensitivity and razor burn mayhem. Includes deep pore cleansing, gentle exfoliation, extraction and soothing masque. Of course there's more! You also get our decadent facial as well as a neck, shoulder, and scalp massage.

"I'M JUST GLOWING" (Chemical Peel Facial) $105

Enjoy this rejuvenating masque that deeply hydrates and nourishes your already beautiful skin. You will feel amazing as we apply this herbal photo plant peel that reduces stress and enhances your vibrant complexion. As if that isn't enough you will experience pure bliss as we utilize a pressure/lymphatic point massage with aromatic oil.

"MAKE ME GLOW" (Analysis & Facial) $90

Experience perfection with this super firming facial that regenerates with serum ampoules. This freeze dried marine collagen blanket masque from Switzerland provides instant hydration and firming effect.

"REJUVINATING" Anti-Aging Facial w/ LED $150

Look amazing with the ultimate combination of nature and science. This beauty experience operates with unique deeper stimulating effects which can generate collagen while tightening skin and has remarkable effects of improving skin color.

"UPLIFTING" Microcurrent Facial $145

This super soothing serum provides immediate hydration while minimizing visible signs of aging. Not only that but this will increase circulation while stimulating facial muscles and toning your skin. Making your complexion flawless.